Organic Banana Fabric | Shirt Dress | Upcycled Silk Embroidery


What is Banana Fabric?

Banana fabric is a beautiful, ethical, eco-friendly, animal-free, organic fabric made from the stalk of the banana plant; with almost a negligible impact to the environment. As innovative as it sounds, banana fibre has been around for centuries and banana fabric has been around since the 13th century.

To learn more about the origin of banana fabric, cultivation of banana fibre, conversion from banana fibre to banana fabric and the properties of banana fabric, head over to our blog titled “Banana Fabric | An Organic Fabric from Banana Fibre


Checked Banana Fabric

This specific type of banana fabric is used in zy-lk’s Debut Collection ’20. In this collection, zy-lk’s core fabrics were prioritised to recycled fabrics, and shortlisted 4 types of recycled cotton: Single Jersey Knit, 20s Drill, 60s 92x88 and 60s 165x104. Apart from these, zy-lk shortlisted other organic fabrics made from hemp, orange, lotus, bamboo, corn and banana.

Among the banana fabric options, zy-lk shortlisted the checked banana fabric as pictured above. The banana fabric is made from 100% organic banana fibre without any artificial blend. The banana fibre is spun into yarn and woven into this checked pattern. The checks visible on the picture above are the weave itself and are not a design or print. The banana fabric is acquired un-dyed/ready-for-dye.

This checked banana fabric is locally sourced from an organic farm based in South India, and sent to zy-lk by public railway.



As banana fabric has one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly production process, it is quite apparent that this is an organic fabric. To further certify the legitimacy of the organic source of the 100% banana fibre used by the manufacturers, their weaving and knitting processes, The Ecological Plant Fiber Certification (Myanmar) has issued a Certificate of Compliance bearing EPFC No. 475943-488322 dated 15 September 2018. zy-lk acquires this checked banana fabric on the basis of the EPFC certification.


Garments with Checked Banana Fabric

Due to very limited production of the checked banana fabric by the manufacturers, zy-lk has used this fabric in just one style: Mauza Shirtdress.

It is a shirt dress for women with an attached corset belt that can be tied from either the front or back to alternate between a dressy or a casual look.


Sustainable Fashion Brand, But What’s New?

Organic fabrics are common among many sustainable fashion brands. However, zy-lk’s forte is a unique, one-of-a-kind, tedious, intimate, upcycling process done by hand.

zylk is a sustainable fashion brand,
that upcycles silk by hand,
thread by thread,
strand by strand.

The forte of zy-lk has been manual silk upcycling and will always be. Each product manufactured by zy-lk will have a touch of the silk upcycled in-house. As a sustainable fashion brand, zy-lk focuses on giving a second life to discarded silk sarees, each requiring 60,000 silkworms. After over 4 years of development, the upcycling process has been progressively improved. By late 2019, through the silk upcycling process, zy-lk saves 20,000 silkworms every day.  To add the touch of luxury, all of zy-lk’s garments are embellished with hand embroidery from this upcycled silk.

While some sustainable fashion brands centre around one vertical or two, such as organic fabric, natural dye or upcycled embroidery, zy-lk adopts overall sustainability by paying attention to every detail from manufacturing, until delivering the product. To read more about the sustainable fashion practises at zy-lk, head over to the About Us section.