Positive Impact of COVID-19 to the World & Sustainable Fashion


Even though there is no denying the magnitude of negative impacts that CoronaVirus has had in our lives, let’s not let the overwhelming news push us down a depressive downward spiral. Being locked down, isolated at home has us glued to social media so the constant flow of negativity can’t be stopped from sliding into our phone screens and causing panic, stress and anxiety about the stability of the future. But, despite all this, does the pandemic really have only a negative impact on the world, is something that needs to be a given thought. We didn’t have to strain hard to find the silver lining- it’s clear to see that our planet is using our quarantine period to take a well deserved breather. Here are 7 positive impacts of the COVID-19 to the World.

  • It is restoring humanity and bringing back social presence that was long lost to social media. Lockdowns have enabled family members to spend more time with each other and indulge in productive activities together.

  • This free time is giving a great exposure to acquiring knowledge about the current environmental scenario which did not receive considerable attention in the past. The ozone layer healing itself makes people aware of the damage caused in the first place. Be it the environmental recovery of the Venetian canals or recorded drop in air pollution levels, the harmful effects of human activities on the planet are getting widely exposed.

  • The lockdown has resulted in many factories getting shut, in turn resulting in the increase of fresh air quality worldwide with massive development in Wuhan (China), Northern Italy and several metropolitan areas in the USA. Air pollution kills a total of 4.2 million people every year and over a million in China alone. A conservative estimate states the CoronaVirus has saved 50,000 lives in China alone due to the cleaner air after the lockdown.

  • In the political scenario, we observe opposition parties fully cooperating with the ruling party. The British Prime Minister addressed the nation about the curtailment of liberties and the opposition party offered full support. In any normal scenario, the nature of the opposition is only to oppose. 

  • Many countries have announced a decrease in interest rates for loans, delayed monthly instalments, decreased taxation policies and many other benefits for businesses to continue successfully despite the economic breakdown. The US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, UAE Central Bank and Australian Reserve bank have dropped their interest rate to 0.25%

  • During the pandemic, the crime rate is decreasing globally on average. Mexican cartels such as La Unión de Tepito involved in counterfeit goods trade are struggling to source illicit items including fake luxury fashion, resulting in massive losses. The Guardian has reported a 20% drop in crime rates in parts of the UK, while The Washington Post has reported at least 18% drop in burglary and violence in New York City. Memphis (USA) saw a 60% drop in crime rate between January and February 2020. 

  • UN Secretary General has called for a cease-fire to put armed conflicts to rest. Shortly after tensions arose worldwide, COVID-19 showed up as a common enemy, enabling nations to cooperate in the fight against the pandemic.

Apart from the positive impact of the CoronaVirus on so many aspects, it has also benefited Sustainable Fashion.

  • The world capital of luxury fashion, Italy, remains paralysed for the longest time. Some of the world’s best luxury brands headquartered in Italy may defer or cancel their drops, giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for smaller designers and manufacturers. Fast-fashion brands working out of locked down countries may have their mass-produced collections delayed or called off, thus empowering slow fashion, made-to-order brands. 

  • Fashion weeks which have thousands of people flown to destinations worldwide resulting in increased carbon footprints, just for brands to display their latest collections are getting called off or shifted. London and Paris Fashion Weeks were cancelled, Milan Fashion Week was postponed and the Shanghai Fashion Week was shifted to the most sustainable location - online.

  • Design houses which go on a continuous cycle of producing multiple styles season after season, without any change or review of their current business plans now finally have the forced time on their hands to give their entire production structure a clear breakdown and re-think on the ethics involved in their functioning.

  • Even from a consumer and employee point-of-view, it’s clear to see the divide between brands that genuinely care about their social and eco impacts and the brands that were green washing and falsely reporting their CSR actions to the public under the pretence of care.

  • Now that everyone is locked down at home, and new clothes are not easily available for purchase, people may resort to upcycling or repairing. There is plenty of time for DIYs to be done and for upcycling and mending old clothes, making them last longer. This leads to less buying of clothes later on reducing the demand and therefore reducing the need to supply. Less clothes made=lesser clothes bought=lesser clothing items ending up in the landfills.

  • The World Customs Organisation states that the counterfeit fashion market has cost the fashion industry 400,000 job losses and over GB £5 billion in revenue since 2020. The over $450 billion worth counterfeit fashion market has massive contributions from China alone. The paralysis of the country has led to the suspension of sale and production of unethical counterfeit fashion for uncertain periods. 

As for zy-lk, the pandemic has resulted in a temporary suspension of operations. However, orders continue to be taken and will be manufactured at a later date and shipping will commence once our shipping partners begin operations (Projected 15 May 2020). As a debutant brand that launched this year, the business viability report required sales to kick in by February 2020 to sustain. Due to loss of business opportunities, daily wage tailors associated with zy-lk have been affected the most. We seek the support of our patrons either by simply spreading the word on social media, purchasing or by donating. All monetary donations will be split between daily wage labourers and employees of zy-lk. To donate, visit zy-lk.com/donate