How COVID-19 Changed Fashion Forever


Fashion is about choices we make in clothing that define how we look and how we feel. It’s a reflection of the times and these are uncertain times, to say the least. Never before COVID-19, did we have to split priorities into essential and non-essential.

Staying-home meant we were no longer adhering to trends or dressing to impress crowds. Sequinned suits, high heels and leather jackets laid forgotten in closets as we eased into this new norm of socialising only through digital screens. Fashion that catered to blurry nights and luxurious five star vacations took a backseat while our favourite pyjamas became an essential. The more the world changes around us, the more we realise that this year is about prioritising our mental and physical wellbeing and just, feeling good inside out. Wellness in fashion begins with sustainability. According to Lyst, there has been a 37% increase in sustainability related searches, especially Slow Fashion. This is the new face of fashion as we slowly begin to step out masked and cautious, for the foreseeable future.

It takes a lot of introspection to contemplate the choices to move ahead in this neo-norm. Makes us realise how at some point, amidst running our everyday fast life, we had lost sight of our innate need to enjoy a slow, conscious life. Somewhere between being forced to cut down on long mindless commutes to work and staying within warm walls of home with family, we all collectively found that connection back. From getting hands dirty with amateur gardening to having home cooked meals three times a day, we slowed down our pace of daily life. This change of pace reflects the change the world needed, making us realise that nature provides us that sense of calm we inherently need. That very shift trickles into fashion as we realise that connecting with nature brings us happiness. Every touch of glorious silk or soft cotton makes us feel closer to nature. It’s quite natural, really. Such global unrest makes us consciously head towards organic comfort-wear. So to speak, this pandemic has drastically changed fashion’s future by slowing it down. Sustainable Fashion is here to stay.