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Fashion brands that are ethical, sustainable or circular can be easily found with a simple Google search. But with the growing trend of searches for sustainable fashion, there are many brands that are greenwashing to make themselves seem like they too are ethical, sustainable or circular. How does one identify if the brand's claims are genuine?

Earlier, conscious buyers looking to make purchase decisions would study prospective brands through the brand's website, communications, news articles and testimonials. Now, this process is a lot easier, with many reputed fashion directories that research these brands for buyers, verifies their claims of sustainable practises, and rates or lists them in their directories.

While there are many directories that include brands only through paid-listings, there are quite a few directories that list or rate all brands. Here are some places to find reliable information about fashion brands:

With the likes of Emma Watson supporting this sustainable fashion directory, it turns out to be quite well-known in recent times. Available as a website or a mobile app, it is a smooth and easy-to-use interface. A buyer can filter global fashion brands by ratings that are given after extensive research by the directory. zy-lk has applied to be rated on Good On You, and is awaiting a result.

More than a directory, this is a place for the global fashion fraternity to understand sustainable practises and network with counterparts, working towards the common objective of making fashion better for the environment. Brands submit information about their practises, objectives, missions and reports. It can be used by conscious buyers to learn the ethical, sustainable and circular fashion practises that are undertaken by brands.

The website has a directory that lists several brands that follow the basics - Ethical Fashion. Having a handful of fashion brands listed, they take steps to list only the brands that show a commitment to fair trading, organic production methods, recycling, supporting local artisans and traditional techniques.

Their way of rebelling against unethical fast-fashion brands is also by educating fashion buyers about ethical brands. The Ethical Fashion Directory only includes brands that are personally verified by the Founder. While researching brands in the directory, it lets you filter by values you care about the most, and has over 20 circular fashion brands listed.

A blog that works to enforce the shift to ethical fashion, has to make it easy for the readers. Rightly so, Simply Liv have handpicked over 175 ethical fashion brands to list them on the website. It is well-categorised and very simple to access.

"Purchasing with a purpose" is the mission of this blog. For this very reason, Still Being Molly maintains a directory of brands that meet their values- fair trade, ethically made and sustainably made. Apart from ethical fashion, they also have other general categories with sustainable alternatives. 

An eco-fashion marketplace that curates fashionable and modern pieces with every item labelled based on its values. With the goal to make ethical shopping easier, they have an ethical fashion directory that display brands which they study individually and then showcase.

If you're a new fashion brand looking to be listed across the web, here are some websites to consider.
  • Fashion Listings - A basic directory of fashion brands. Not specific to ethical, sustainable or circular fashion, and they do not conduct any background research or require any information.
PS: zy-lk does not endorse any aforementioned brands.