The True Cost Documentary


Over a billion articles of clothing are manufactured every year. Fast fashion has become easily accessible, provides innumerable styles, and most importantly- it is cheap! For a cotton t-shirt, cotton needs to be grown with insecticides and pesticides, fibres processed to yarn, yarns knitted to fabric, fabric cut and stitched, and dyed or printed, and travels across multiple regions for different processes before it reaches your local store. If all this is covered within a mere $3, is it possible that someone whose hand this piece passes through is paying the price for it? Then what is the true cost?

The True Cost documentary was released in the year 2015 and is rated 7.7 on IMDb. This documentary covers everything about fast fashion- the clothes we wear, the hands behind it, and how the fashion industry is impacting the world. As the name suggests, the true cost documentary delves deep into the actual pricing of the garments that are mass produced and available today, and who is paying the price.

While focussing on the true cost, the documentary takes us to several parts of the world showing us what goes on behind the labels that we see on fast fashion stores. From the brightest runways to the darkest slums, The True Cost documentary features interviews from changemakers such as Stella McCartneyLivia Giuggioli (previously Livia Firth) and Vandana Shiva.

It is important to look behind just the designs, styles, labels and prices while making a fashion purchase decision. The kind of impact that is caused is harming the earth in so many ways. With films like The True Cost documentary, we are able to get a visual picture that strongly etches in our hearts about what is actually going on, and it definitely aids people more to make the shift to conscious consumerism.

The True Cost trailer gives a quick glimpse on what the documentary has to offer. The full movie can be downloaded or rented, for barely the price of an average t-shirt in the USA, from the official website

Next time we are about to make any purchase decision, it is important to ask ourselves, “Do I really need this?”, before anything else. The easiest way to adopt sustainable fashion is to- STOP BUYING. If the documentary or trailer brought even a simple thought in your mind, read this sustainable fashion guide to help take your first steps.