Different Types Of Cotton Fabrics Used At zy-lk


But cotton isn’t harmful to the environment right? Wrong.

Cotton causes more damage to the environment than we credit it for. For instance, 99.3% of all the cotton cultivated on Earth represents 10% of global pesticide use and 25% of global insecticides. At zy-lk, we either use the .7% cotton that doesn’t require these harmful chemicals, or we use the recycled version of the 99.3% conventional cotton that would otherwise end up in landfills.

It’s Important To Know
Production of conventional cotton is harmful to the environment plus the people working with it.
Up to 3% agriculture workers die and nearly 1 million are hospitalised every year due to acute pesticide poisoning.
In a study of 97 cotton farmers over 5 months, they experienced 323 different incidents of sickness.
Over 20,000 litres of fresh water are used to produce 1 kilo of cotton.

Different Types Of Cotton Fabrics
Cotton: The conventional kind that we have been using for centuries; the same that has been causing all the damage.
Organic Cotton: The .7% of cotton cultivated worldwide, without the use of harmful chemicals. 
Recycled Cotton: The small part of all the cotton in the world, that actually gets recycled; the kind that saves 20,000 litres of water per kilo.

Types Of Cotton zy-lk Uses
The only types of cotton used at zy-lk are recycled cotton and organic cotton. As a circular fashion brand, zy-lk prioritises recycled cotton, for the fact that it something that’s already in existence. It’s also the most sustainable compared to the other types of cotton. But even under recycled cotton, there are two types: 

Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton: When cotton yarn is manufactured, there will be wastage. However, these discarded fibres are still worthy and usable. They are usually blended with stronger fibres like virgin cotton or polyester to make fabric. At zy-lk, the pre-consumer (aka post-industrial) cotton used is blended with organic cotton. The T-Shirts are knitted with 30% GRS certified pre-consumer recycled cotton yarn, blended with 70% organic cotton yarn for stability.

Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton: Landfill-bound cotton garments are shredded into filaments, spinning them back into yarns (like they once were) and then weaving it back into fabric is categorised as post-consumer recycled cotton. zy-lk predominantly uses this type of cotton in all the wovens- comprising 100% GRS certified post-consumer recycled cotton.

With recycled cotton, the amount of water, energy used and CO2 / fossil fuel emissions are reduced to half of virgin cotton production.
Are you ready to make the switch?