Despite being one of the most environmentally harmful industries, it took the life of 1,138 fashion workers to initiate a fashion revolution. Fashion Revolution promotes sustainable clothing and brings about a transparency, establishing fair trade clothing policies amongst all production units. Sustainable clothing ensures least environmental impact. Fair trade clothing policies shows the world who made their clothes, how they live and the conditions that they work under. This empowers the fashion workers earning minimum wages and living under the poverty line from being taken advantage of by big fashion brands. By revealing the names and faces behind a brand to the general public, their ethical, fair, safe and hygienic working conditions can be observed. zy-lk being an ethical clothing online retailer strictly adheres to fair trade clothing principles and implements the policies in the entire production process and furthermore.

Silk Upcycling & Bag Production
38 | Female
Hearing & Speech-Impaired

Josephine, living in the outskirts of Chennai, India, where she could only find jobwork at big factories that were not of ideal working conditions, commutes by public transport for an hour every day to work at zy-lk. Her speech or hearing impairment since birth has never been a source of worry for her, instead she is a constant source of positivity at the studio. While her husband manages the household expenses, she works to save up for their retirement.

Sakina Ali
Silk Upcycling & HR Management
47 | Female

Sakina, our in-house sign language trainer and translator, makes sure all the work happens smoothly with no grievances. She keeps a watch on the seamless functioning of the workflow, personally along with diving headfirst into the old silk sorting and recycling in her ideal time. From everyone’s daily in and out to sick leaves and work from home, she monitors along with productivity scaling.


#WomenEmpowerment is the current need of the hour especially in a country that by culture and tradition has shown preference to men, zy-lk prioritises in providing employment and business opportunities to women. This is mainly because it is relatively much easier for men to find a safe, ethical and fair wage work environment, than it is for women who are often subjected to abuse and uncomfortable scenarios at workplace. zy-lk gives employment preference to #HearingImpaired and #SpeechImpaired women who generally find it difficult to obtain paid work, despite being qualified or skilled enough for it, due to difficulties in communication. To overcome this, all staff and management at zy-lk are given basic training in the local sign language.